It’s the Bit is a new service that allows anyone to get any task done, anytime, anywhere in the U.S.


It can be literally anything. From mundane but necessary tasks from landscaping to consulting, to more exotic tasks that we’ll leave up to you to specify. Literally anything you can dream of. If you are unsure if we can do it, definitely ask and we’ll let you know. It can be something nice for someone (although it does not need to be nice). It can be something you want done anonymously (although it does not need to be anonymous).


Simply tell us what you want done and what you are willing to pay for it. Our only non-negotiable requirements are that we will not accept work for small projects that are less than $100 and the work must not be illegal. And obviously you must be reasonable in setting your price. We’ll respond to your offer in confidence and may need to negotiate on price if your initial offer is too low (but we have even been known to respond with a lower price if we feel we can handle it for less than your offer while maintaining a high level of service!). We promise to be reasonable, and we’ll definitely deliver. Guaranteed. Either we’ll handle the project in house or we’ll use U.S.-based vetted professionals to help. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can try out our service with relatively smaller projects if you are skeptical. In fact, we are confident that we’ll over-deliver.


Note that once we agree on the task and the dollar amount, we prefer that payment be made in Bitcoin to our Bitcoin address, which makes things quicker, easier, and more secure (and helps you to remain anonymous, if that is what you want). We’ll send you an invoice over email from our Coinbase merchant account. Alternatively, you can pay securely with your credit card or any other payment method accepted by PayPal (but we get charged a 2.9% + $0.30 by PayPal, which we pass along to you if you choose PayPal rather than paying with Bitcoin). In either case, we don’t collect any of your personal payment information and it is all processed securely using trusted third-party payment providers.


If you have any questions, let us know. We respond quickly to most inquiries. We are confident you’ll think It’s the Bit is legit.


Our website is so simple because our service is so simple. We’ll do the hard work and make sure you are completely satisfied.





We respond to all legitimate requests promptly – often within minutes. Please check your email spam folder if you don’t hear from us!


It’s the best

It’s the Bit really is legit! The team helped me in a pinch with a project I needed done quickly.

  • Gary H

Wonderful service

I was skeptical, I must admit. But It’s the Bit came through and came through fast with much better service than I could have gotten on my own.

  • Debbie K.



Examples of things we have done (and we are just getting started):

  • consulting on small business strategy
  • home contracting and renovation gigs
  • consulting on increasing online sales
  • naming a business and securing trademarks and domain names
  • much more...


Virtually anything is doable. Just ask!



It's the Bit was recognized as the #1 product on Product Hunt on October 15, 2017